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Dorsal Leashs


  • - Double “Tangle Free” Stainless Steel
  • - Extra Velcro width for Sure Grip System
  • - Detachable Stainless Rail Guard equipped to protect board rails
  • - Strap length added for use with wetsuits and calves .
  • - Poly Urethane Cold Cure Low Resistance Cord with Tuff Core Inside

 Product Description:

Engineered with Lightweight Strength and Performance, the Dorsal Premium Team Leash is ideal for Med-Large conditions by minimizing drag. With the competitive boarder in mind, the ProLine Competition Leash is Approx.6.9mm (1/4 inch) wide. As with all of our products, they are rigorously tested to ensure increased comfort, functionality and strength. Premium leashes feature a detachable Rail Guard and cuff, a double “Tangle Free” smooth rotating (stainless steel) swivel assemblies, and a high density neoprene ankle strap with extra wide velcro for a Sure Grip System. (colors available: Red/Blue/Black) please specify color when placing order and see if in stock.

  • Size:  6' $19.97/ sku#dorsal6
  • Size:  7' $20.79/ sku#dorsal7
  • Size:  8' $22.59/ sky#dorsal8
  • Size:  9' $24.49/ sku#dorsal9
  • Size: 10 $25.79/sku@dorsal10

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our leashes are handmade in the USA using cords strong enough to lasso a rabid badger, double swivel connections, and the best velcro ankle cuffs around.  available in an array of sizes from grovel comp to big-wave bertha.  strap it up!



  • Size: 6' $22.00/ sku#onebjay6
  • Size: 7'$23.00/ sku#onebjay7
  • Size: 8' $24.00/ sku#onebjay8
  • Size: 10' Longboard $26.00/ sku#onebjay10

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