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three21 Surfboards & Accessories

three21 Surfboard Wax

three21 Cold Wax:

* Cold/ sku#three21cold

* Base/sku#three21base

$2.75 ea./ To Purchase: copy sku# then click: 




Waxy Colored Wax



12 Colors to Choose from:

Red/Bright Blue/ Black/ White

Light Blue/ Hot Pink/ Yellow

Bright Green/ Emerald Green

Orange/ Purple/  Light Pink

Cold 60 degree below

$3.50ea.  To Purchase:

Copy color then click: Contact

Sticky Bumps Original Wax



 Sticky Bumps Original Wax (Sold Out)

  • Cool: 58 -68f/ 14-19c- sku#stickycool
  • Cold: 60f and Below/ 15c- sku#stickycold
  • Warm: 64-74f/ 19-28c- sku#stickywarm
  • Tropical: 75f and above/ 24c- sku#stickytrop
  • Basecoat- sku#stickybase
  • OUT of STOCK

$3.25 ea./ To Purchase : Copy wax sku# then click: Contact