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8'4" Mini Longboard (Epoxy EPS)

* 8'4" X 22-1/2" X 3.0"
* Performance Mini-Longboard
* Squarge Tail
* High Density Australian EPS Foam
* New Generation FlexTec3 Hi-Performance EPOXY Glassing

* 6 oz on the bottom 6 oz + 4 oz on the top
* 60/40 Soft Rails
* 6-inch center box fin with FCS GL side fins are included
* Was: $579.00   three21 SALE PRICE>Now: $501.00

* Will Call only no shipping

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Only 1 left hurry before this one is sold


7'0" Progressive Shortboard/ Epoxy EPS/FCS


Package (Includes):

Leash/ FCS Quad Fins/ 1ea. Base & Top Coat Wax 

HEIGHT: 7 feet 0 inches
WIDTHS: 22.25 inches
THICKNESS: 2.88 inches
TAIL SHAPE: Classic Big Swallow
FINISH: Gloss finish


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The TakeOff Rocket Fish model is a  Rider Experience:  Intermediate - Advanced. The Rocket Fish is super fast and very maneuverable. It features a Fish Tail, Quad FCS Fins set up, Fuller Rails, Bottom Contours - Single - Double - Vee so that you can have fun in any conditions and find speed even on small and soft waves. Get on a Progressive Rocket Fish Shortboard and open up a new level to your surfing

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7'6"  Funboard Surfboards (SORRY SOLD)

           HAVE ( 2 ) IN STOCK

Package Includes: (3 Dorsal Tri-Fins Fins Base Wax / Top Wax)

321 Surfboards
Bottom Contours:     
Slight Single Concave/ Double
Model: Funboard
Constructions: Epoxy (EPS)
SKU: 321/7/6funboardblue/green

Rider Weight Limit:  220 lbs

7'6"" x 21.50" x 2.75"
Board Weight:     
9.6 lbs

Was: $499.99 ea./  Now: $449.99 ea.